New site is online


All right, I’m on the line. I just left the comfortable and reassuring area of Mom and Dad at It’s time for me to face the outside world. It’s no longer a question of showing my doubts and errors in the open, it’s time to grow and blossom. And like Peter Pan says:

Imagining the future, dreaming of adventures, travelling without a compass, leaving your fatal mistakes on the ground.

Well, I may have a doubt about the fatal errors, but it must have been something like that.

Small will become big

Born perhaps somewhat prematurely, I will spend some time in the incubator of the net. A time when search engines will visit me to see what I look like. I don’t know if they’ll come with their arms full of comforters and other SERPs embroidered in my name, but I’ll be waiting for them with my best baby face:). Besides, you always look fresher in the eyes of the engines when you’re a baby site, that’s what Dad says.
Anyway, it will give me time to finish my growth.
I hope you’ll find me even more beautiful when I offer you tools and a directory plugin for wordpress.

A little one always listening to the big ones

Because a baby site must be listening to the world to grow up well, and also because Mom and Dad’s education sometimes has its limits, don’t hesitate, traveler of the net, to take me back if I go crooked, to yell at me if I became a baby too spammy, or to inform my dad of notices and other warnings that would titillate your nostrils, all this because it would have been a good idea. For all this there are comments and for bugs or ideas there is the contact form, but beware no spankings it is forbidden now: o


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