Broadlink is a Chinese company known to the Geeks and other bidouilleur because it offers many connected devices for the home automation of your house.
For example, it offers plugs that are connected, individual SPS or SP3 plugs or multi-plugs. Allowing you to remotely turn on electrical appliances. Broadlink is proud to offer devices to control all our infrared devices. Thanks to the RM3 mini or RM Pro, you can remotely turn on your TV or DVD but above all take control of your air conditioning (which often works with an infrared remote control) remotely. Scenarios, such as turning on the air-conditioning system if the temperature is above 30°C for example, or asking to switch it off at night, can be created.
Finally the bidouilleurs that we are like this brand because the products are very cheap, IFTTT compatible, and they can be easily integrated into our Jeedom and domoticz home automation box.


Good plans of the moment

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