What is Gearbest

Gearbest is one of the largest online shops in China, specializing, like most, in mobile phones and electronic products, although on its website you can find a little bit of everything: Then we will analyze the buying process of this store and see how we can easily find discounts.

The purchase of Chinese smartphones or other high-tech products is always a source of concern for French Internet users. First of all, there are doubts about quality and then about the overall security of the platform.

People, often scorched by bad experiences or by word of mouth, often heard about the risk of paying customs duties and finding a poor quality product, are still sceptical about Chinese smartphones, even if they have reached a very high level, offering better value for money than European smartphones.

Below you will find a number of detailed guides that will guide you in your future shop shopping by explaining how to buy Chinese smartphones and tablets without any problems.


Our guides to buy from USA

Quelques produits populaires sur gearbest US

Here is a selection of the most popular and sought-after products