Google Home

Google Home is the brand of smart speakers developed by Google (although it is also mentioned in the name). Announced in May 2016 it was launched in the USA in November of the same year, followed by the United Kingdom in April 2017, then Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan in mid-2017.

Google Home allows users to launch voice commands to interact with the Google Smart Wizard. Simply called Google assistant. Numerous internal and external services are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, watch videos or photos (via chromecast) or receive voice news, for example. Google Home devices also have support for home automation features, allowing users to control certain devices by voice. Few basic devices are still Google Home compatible, but with IFTTT you can now take control of many devices.

The product has a cylindrical shape with 10 LEDs on the top that informs us of its status, and the bottom cover is modular allowing it to be adapted to the atmosphere of its interior. Various color options are available on the Google Store. In May 2017, Google announced numerous updates to Google Home’s functionality, including hands-free calling in the U. S. and Canada, visual responses on smartphones or TVs via Chromecast, streaming Bluetooth music, the ability to schedule appointments or set reminders (not all of which are available in France yet).

Google Home had mixed comments when it was released. The quality of the microphone and its speakers was widely praised, while the lack of interoperability between other Google Assistant devices was criticized. Finally, there were also criticisms expressed about Google’s intentions with regard to this device, seeing it as a spy in the home allowing us to better target our desires and then sell us advertising. Finally, the speaker does not yet integrate all the functions of the wizard google (although successive updates reduce the gap).

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