The story began in the Lyonnaise region (hands on the heart). Jeedom is an Open-source software that installs on Debian platforms. It makes it possible to manage the domotics of our house by managing numerous protocols (Z-Wave, RFXcom 433Mhz, RTS SOMFY, EnOcean, xPL). It is also autonomous, unlike other solutions where the connection to an API or an online account is mandatory, thus ensuring confidentiality. The strong point of jeedom if you could compare it to its direct competitor (Domoticz) would be its flexibility. Indeed the interface is completely customizable. The user can think of his interface as he wishes and it becomes possible to develop a UI that would make Jarvis look like Iron Man for the 20th century (well I add maybe a little but not much).
You can learn more about jeedom by reading the articles below: Tutorials, news everything is there.

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