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As a geek we love all new high-tech toys. As soon as we get a new package, it’s a little Christmas. We all like to peel off the plastic film from the new mobile phone, mount our computer and press the Power button, hoping that everything will go well or spend hours tampering with the raspberry pi we just received. Are we all the same? Huh? Also where we look alike is that we’re kind of the kind of person who spends hours on different specialized sites to take all the advice so as not to make a mistake. I’m not right, am I? Well, well this in this category I hope to be able to give you through tests, the keys to arbitrate on the purchase of an object or not. I will try to be as objective as possible, non-consensual and funny. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion by leaving a comment, as you too can give important additional information to others. Below you will find all the tests and reviews in the fields of home automation, computerized 3D printing in fact in the field of high-tech in general. 😉