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8.0 Awesome

Vraiment bien si on le couple à Jeedom. On peut alors faire des scénarios très intéressants. Sinon l'application de base limite un peu la chose. Mais fera le boulot pour ceux qui souhaitent réduire le nombre de télécommandes chez eux.

  • Design 7
  • Application 8
  • Rapport qualité / prix 9

How many remotes do you have at home? Because if you look at it carefully, we all have the TV remote control, the DVD or Blu-ray player, the stereo system or the boxing machines that come along just for television. We then have that of the air-conditioning, sometimes of radiator brief we have too many.
For me, the simple fact of wanting to turn on the television is like activating 3 or 4 remote controls. It is from this observation that I bought the Broadlink RM mini 3. Because I wanted to turn on my television and all the peripherals that go with it with a touch or a single voice action.

If you’re looking for a low-cost universal remote control solution, the Broadlink is an interesting option to help you get started. The RM Mini 3 is a compact infrared blaster that connects to a phone or tablet via Wi-Fi (we can then pair it with Jeedom too, I’ll come back to that later), and then communicates with hardware via infrared. This means that it will work with a multitude of household appliances, and above all the strong point is that it will allow your old infrared appliances to be connected. For example, your air-conditioning system installed ten years ago will become intelligent (not that it used to be stupid, eh?).

Unpacking and configuration

Like all Broadlink products, the packaging is of high quality. Documentation is at least in English (not yet expected to be in French). But you will see it the installation is very well done.

Once unpacked, simply connect it via the supplied USB cable to turn it on. It should start discovering your devices as soon as you download the application and enter your Wi-Fi details. In my case during the test he was able to detect my TV automatically.

Since it works with the traditional remotes manufactured by most manufacturers, you can teach it to use them. Create virtual remotes for each of your devices. So you can have all your remotes in one, and give remote commands without the need to be remotely infrared (2 meters). The application also offers automatic scheduling functions so that the devices can be controlled over a period of time or time slot.

There is nothing revolutionary about design. The device is small enough and for my part it is hidden in a corner of the bar, so high enough to be able to start the television and the stereo in front of it (distance of 3 meters).


We did not lose the connection during general use, which is better than expected given the price and IR bridging method. It is compatible with Android and iOS via a dedicated application, with two versions available for China and the English-speaking market.

The application itself is quite basic, but it can perform essential tasks such as backing up your data and calibrating the devices. The application does the job, although it is quite basic, but if you want to use the device in a more global way so that it integrates with your home automation solution a plug-in makes it compatible with Jeedom. And it’s really in this perspective that the RM mini 3 becomes interesting. You create scenarios yourself.

Go further.

Precisely I will show you in another article how I turn on my television, my Freebox and my Hi-Fi system of an order with a Jeedom script. And then how can I run this command by voice with IFTTT and Google home.

Otherwise if you want to buy the Broadlink RM Mini 3 it is available for about 29€ from Gearbest.

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