Aliexpress or Ebay? Which one to choose?


AliExpress and eBay are the two online shopping portals in full expansion at present, the sites are known to offer a huge catalog and often at the lowest prices (this is also because it comes from China 😉 ). EBay is an example where the user can buy everything from second-hand products to new products, while AliExpress will have a weaker catalogue.

Why choose AliExpress?

What you should know is that for the same product, there is a good chance that the product listed on AliExpress will be cheaper. Chances are mostly in favour of AliExpress (except for the tiny electronics but we’ll see about that later). The fact is that on AliExpress, the majority of sellers are producers and wholesalers. On the contrary, of eBay which rather presents retailers.

The strength of AliExpress is also to be able to find products that do not appear on other online shopping portals. Indeed, there are brands recognized in China and which unfortunately are not distributed in Europe (by Example Xiaomi), AliExpress supports PayPal (as ebay therefore), you can easily pay by using the famous online transaction service. AliExpress is also compatible with most debit and credit cards.

Aliexpress controls all the vendors of the platform and will not hesitate to fire those who offer counterfeits for example. The shop scoring system, although a little complicated to understand at the beginning (Diamants / crowns…) allows you to choose the seller well. After this system is a bit of a double-edged sword, often sellers will ask you to put them 5 stars and if you encounter a problem with your order, they will ask you to contact them before writing down. In short, they want to avoid bad grades at all costs. It is for the same reason that we are going to receive emails from the sellers all in politeness and honey: p. The security of the buyer is also there, you can open a dispute very easily. Until then I never had to do it (about 50 orders on Aliexpress). Finally, a small mention to the order follow-up proposed by the platform. I really think it’s pretty good. You can easily track your package from China. Even if sometimes our parcel seems to pass through the scanners and ends up in our mailbox while it is still marked at Shanghai airport.

What does eBay have to offer?

Well let’s say that what you can find on AliExpress you will also find on eBay (for electronics anyway) while the opposite is not true. There are many more choices on eBay (All products that are not made in China actually: p). You will also find big brands that are not present on the Chinese platform, but also and you should not forget the opportunities. This is my personal opinion and I’m certainly blocking it, but Ebay I still see it as the auction platform that it used to be (which still exists but which compared to the Market Place shouldn’t represent much anymore). As a result, I don’t always have the reflex to go there to see if a product is sold or not. But if you do a search on Google, you’ll soon realize that it’s sold there:)
If we talk about prices and compare the same product it is often more expensive on Ebay (good I will put a big downside. On the small electronics (ESP, Arduino, HT22 probe…) I have until then always found cheaper on ebay). As far as the follow-up of the order is concerned, it is really less precise here than that of AliExpress. We know that our order has been shipped and… and here we are. Then we wait:) and cross our fingers.
Finally to end with the negative I will also put a bit less on the interface. I have the impression that it has not evolved for several years and I really don’t find it ergonomic.
On the other hand I prefer the voting system of the sellers on Ebay, they are not there to whine for the stars and concerning the protection of the customer I also tend to be more reassured by Ebay (it must be just psychological there too).

In the end

It is now time to make a choice. And I don’t want to draw a conclusion from Normand (french expression). So I personally prefer Aliexpress to Ebay for the purchase of new equipment and that we are only looking for Chinese products. I nuance by adding (new hardware), because if we compare these two shops it should also be noted that they do not quite the same thing. So I chose Aliexpress for the choice of products, shipping costs almost always free with the Chinese post office, cheaper prices and the follow-up of my orders (we all want to know where our packages are) finally the interface of ebay to seal my choice.


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