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We know that it is possible to find almost everything you are looking for on the famous Aliexpress online store. It is a category that is particularly visited by French women. These are the wedding dresses. Since 2015, AliExpress has dedicated an entire column to wedding dresses. Well, I can already hear the screams of fright, because for some it is not at all conceivable to buy a dress on the Internet and moreover in China. It’s quite understandable, this is the dress you’ll wear on the most beautiful day of your life, but know that it’s still possible to find beautiful dresses and good qualities on Aliexpress. And sometimes from 3 to 6 times cheaper than the prices in shops. A wedding is expensive (the US average was about 19,000 $ in 2015, but the bill can quickly rise to 31,000$), and the wedding dress counts for about 5 to 10% of the total amount which is not negligible. By ordering your dress on Aliexpress, you will be able to offer yourself a beautiful dress while lowering the overall cost of your wedding.

If you are the adventurous type, you can click on this link and go directly to the Aliexpress Wedding Dresses category. Then it’s up to you to make your choice! You will find different models, different cuts at all sizes and prices. Many models have very attractive prices and discounts of up to 70% are not uncommon.

If the adventure is not your stuff, we have selected that we present below. These are categorized by dress cuts and price ranges. All the bridal dresses presented below have been selected from reliable Aliexpress vendors with good ratings and comments.
For example, we have selected dresses from the “Queen Bridal” boutique (click to access the boutique), which has been present on the platform since October 2012. It has 97.6% positive ratings, which makes it a reliable seller. Remember that evaluations are given by buyers once the product is received.

In terms of delivery times, it is the same as for other items purchased on Aliexpress. If you buy your wedding dress by choosing the cheapest shipping cost (sometimes offered for dresses), you will have to wait between 15 to 60 days, but if you choose shipping method paying as DHL, shipping will only take 5 to 10 days. Caution: by choosing a carrier such as DHL, there is a good chance that customs fees will be added to your invoice. But since a wedding dress is delicate, and this is perhaps the most important dress of your life, it can be interesting to look at the paying carriers. Use this calculator to get an idea of the amount of customs duties.

Finally, for size, I invite you to read our guide to avoid errors. Chinese sizes are different from ours. It’s better to take a little time, take a metre and take your measurements (like in a real bridal shop).
Then we just have to choose the right size. Sometimes, you will give your measurements to the seller, because some of them may make alterations or modifications to your request (you can contact them).

Selection of dresses by cuts

There are several cuts for wedding dresses (princess, mermaid, empire,…), to choose according to your style, but also your morphology. If you are a Cristina Córdula fan (a famous fashion french coach), the morphologies in A, 8 or O must speak to you. [I’ll try to specify which section fits which morphology below.]

Siren cup

The mermaid wedding dresses follow the shapes of the body. They are thus tightened up to the knees and then flare out like a mermaid’s tail. It is the ideal fit for morphologies in 8 (bust and hips of the same proportion). Avoid if you are too small.

    Princess cup

    One of the most popular cuts, because these dresses are simply inspired by the princess dresses of fairy tales. The ideal dress for your wedding with Prince Charming. They are often with a bustier and a voluminous skirt. Flanged from the hips, these dresses adapt perfectly to A morphologies.

    Empire fit

    Empire cut, because these dresses take up the cut of Napoleon Bonaparte’s period dresses. The waist is marked below the chest. It is the ideal cut to erase some roundnesses in the belly or lower body (thighs, hips, buttocks).

    Short dress

    Short dresses are generally more used in town hall than in the place of worship… One wonders why:) These are called short, because they stop above the knee. So don’t be afraid to show off your gambettes. There are several shapes, you can choose the one that suits you best.

    Flared cup

    The flared cut resembles a princess dress in less puffiness:). It is narrower, but it is also suitable for A morphologies. Ideal to subtly hide some of the lower body’s curves.

    Sheath cup

    A dress suitable for brides of large size and with a straight silhouette. Worn close to the body, the sheath dress is not the most suitable if you are small or if you have some curves.

    Straight cut

    Adapted to the morphologies in O (slightly marked hips), this type of dress is quite simple. It extends in a straight line from the bust to the feet (straight ahead what is simple:). It is not suitable for V morphologies (large shoulders, marked hips).

      Dress selection by price range

      You may have to search for your dress by price range:

      Less than $50

      Yes, it is possible to find a wedding dress for less than $50 on Aliexpress. A dress that looks like a real wedding dress. Well, after that, they’re not super detailed, but at that price you’ll still have a lot more than just a white dress. Nevertheless, I invite you to read the comments carefully and point you towards dresses that have been sold a lot. Don’t venture on a model that has never been bought before. We mainly find dresses cut straight and short for this price.

      Between $50 and $100

      Aliexpress sells a lot of wedding dresses for less than $100. They often have little detail but the cuts are quite varied.

      Between $100 and $150

      We stay at very low prices. I personally find that we are starting to find beautiful dresses at this rate.

      Between $150 and $200

      It’s hard to make a choice at this price level, because there are many models on the site.

      Between $200 and $300

      There are beautiful dresses between 200 and 300 USD. The details remain mainly on the bustier.

      Over $300

      This is the “top of the range” on Aliexpress. There are a lot of dresses over 1500$, but they have little or no orders. It is therefore difficult to form an opinion.

      Conseil pour bien choisir sa robe de mariée

      Buying a wedding dress is a unique experience. But with so many dresses to choose from, she can also be incredibly harassing. Here’s how to choose the right style for your big day.

      The search for the dress usually begins about nine months to a year before the wedding date, if possible obviously. If your half of you make a statement for the day after tomorrow, it will be a little more complicated:). For designer dresses, they must be ordered six to nine months in advance to ensure sufficient time for delivery and retouching. For an online purchase as on Aliexpress, the delivery time is generally 2 weeks to 2 months, but it is more generally 2 to 3 weeks. Sellers cover up by saying two months.

      The manufacturing of the dress will take even more time if you want to personalize it by adding pearls or lace or by modifying the neckline or dragging for example, you will have to plan this extra time. If you buy your dress in the shop and are really busy with the timing, some shops offer express delivery for an extra charge.

      For the budget, just because you have $1,000 for the wedding dress doesn’t mean you can buy a $1,000 wedding dress. You should not forget the accessories (shoes, pouch, stole, veil), but also the possible taxes (especially if you buy online abroad as on Aliexpress), shipping costs, but also alterations and other possible modifications. Most shops require a security deposit, which is often 50% of the total price of the dress. We recommend that you pay by credit card to keep a record of the transaction. On Aliexpress you are protected: if you do not receive your dress or if it is damaged, you can easily get your money back.

      The easiest way to find the dress of your dreams is to start your search on Pinterest. Open a new private board. Browse through all the dresses, styles and styles and pin the ones you like. Then look for similarities and commonalities between all the outfits you have just chosen. Is there a lot of lace? Bustier? A dress near the body? An ivory dress? etc. At this point you should know a little more about what you want, especially about the cut of the dress. Familiarize yourself with the different cuts and silhouettes of dresses. The silhouettes of wedding dresses are divided into seven main categories:

      • The Princess Cup or A for English-speaking people (a designation you can find on Aliexpress)
      • Siren
      • Empire
      • Short
      • flared
      • right
      • sheath

      Depending on the trend you have identified in your first searches, it is time to try to make your choice on the internet. Don’t forget that your morphology is very important in choosing the cut. Once you have determined a shape, you can start selecting secondary criteria such as neckline, with or without sleeves, bare back, lace, and so on.

      If you want to buy in-store, consider scheduling your appointment on a weekday when there are fewer people. While you may be forced to ask one day (as well as your witnesses and others with you), you will have much more time and less pressure to make your choice. This way, you will have a better service and all the attention of the staff.

      Be careful with the people and especially the number of people you will invite to your fitting or the choice of your dress on the internet. While it may be tempting to invite and seek the advice of as many people as possible when choosing a dress, it often results in more confusion than anything else. This is your dress, and your choice. If the advice can be interesting, the final decision must be yours. It is advisable to choose your dress with a maximum of five people (three being the right number, in my opinion).

      Give the dress to the history and atmosphere of your wedding. If you want a wedding theme “Shabby Chic” or country dress, the sexy short dress does not seem to me the most appropriate for example.

      Keep an open mind when trying on dresses. A dress that looks dull on the coat hanger can end up looking beautiful on you. We often see, as in the M6 program “La robe de ma vie”, young women who want a princess dress at all costs and end up buying a sheath dress or vice versa. Our vision of things can totally change after fitting.

      It is important to test the comfort of a dress. You will wear it all day long, walk, sit down and dance with it. It must be as comfortable as possible. It is therefore important to sit, walk, but also move with it in the store. Ask Mommy to do some dancing steps with you:). It is more important to choose a dress in which you feel comfortable and fit your morphology than to follow a trend. If you can’t breathe because of a tight dress, forget about it. Wouldn’t it be silly to make a bad feeling at church when you say yes to your half, wouldn’t it?

      In the shop, don’t give too much importance to the size of the dress you are going to try. It’s likely she’s not exactly your size. The saleswomen will put needles everywhere to adapt it to the best, but it may not be perfect. Order the dress at your current size and have it retouched as needed. Don’t order a dress with a smaller size and think that you will lose weight before the wedding. It’s the best way to end up with a dress that won’t fit you on D-day. For online shopping, and especially on Aliexpress, I invite you to read our guide to choose the size of your clothing.

      To finish. I’ve already said it before, but I think it’s important to repeat it, – choose the dress that’s right for you, and not the dress of someone who would like you to wear a particular dress. It’s YOUR day and YOUR dress ! You should feel beautiful and confident in your wedding dress, and this will only be the case if it is your choice and not that of your bridesmaid, your mother, or anyone else.

      I hope this guide will be useful to you? Although it was primarily written to buy her wedding dress online, I think it will be useful for anyone who wants to buy in the shop as well, especially for the second part. Do not hesitate to comment on this article to tell me where you are in your preparations, inform me of the type of dress you will choose for example or simply ask me questions because my article is not clear enough:). Happy preparations for all of you.


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