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Why buy a Chinese smartphone

Chinese smartphones have reached a very high level of quality compared to that shown in the past when Italians were so conditioned and frightened to report battery explosion or analyze potential radiation problems.

Many Italians were even prepared to swear that they had warned of slight electric shocks. Between mystery and truth, modern Chinese smartphones were born that, taking advantage of the Android operating system (on a Linux basis), immediately showed great ability to customize the firmware developed by Google and offer an excellent overall user experience. So much so that Huawei is conquering the world with a very large number of sales and that many Italians hope that Xiaomi and Meizu will also be able to follow the path traced by the most famous Chinese manufacturer.

But there are a large number of Chinese manufacturers and, as in the case of Europe, there are different smartphones on the market. We will see later how to choose the ideal Chinese smartphone.

Below, however, I would like to highlight the most reliable brands on average: Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, One Plus, Zopo, Umi, Oppo and Elephone among those I remember. This does not mean that other Chinese manufacturers cannot market high quality phones.

Accepted payment methods on Gearbest

Gearbest allows payment via Paypal, a very secure and reliable international system.

Gearbest also requires a verified Paypal account or, if the account is not a Paypal account and Gearbest detects anomalies on purchases over €50, it will ask you to submit certain documents to unlock your order.

Gearbest requires this verification for obvious security reasons:

Here some examples:

  • If the address of the recipient of the order does not match the one indicated on the credit card (or PayPal)
  • The order is placed outside the country of the bank issuing the credit card.

The use of Paypal verified, in addition, offers you a 30-day guarantee in which, if the product does not work, you can return it free of charge and get a refund of the device as well as the return costs.

This is a very good advantage since you are still buying in Asia.

Is Gearbest reliable?

Many people, especially in the early days of the boom in e-commerce in China, have had bad experiences with stores in that country, so it is common to seek the views of other users to ensure that a site is reliable before buying on it. In this case, we can say that Gearbest is not a newcomer, but a well-established store, with warehouses around the world and thousands of users buying every day.

Customs fees:


More detailed information on customs charges can be found in a specific article.
Basically you only risk paying customs fees if you make a purchase outside the European Union. Gearbest is a Chinese company, and it’s not news if I tell you that China is not in the EU. Gearbest has more than one warehouse in Europe from which products are shipped at no extra cost to customs. So when you make your purchase, when choosing the delivery method, I invite you to choose France Express which will avoid paying by going beyond the French customs control in an obviously legal way.

Since it is not very clear on the site here is a small screen not to deceive you:

All shipments can be insured. Upon receipt of the package, it will be essential to check its condition so that, in case of signs of alteration, you can refuse delivery with return to the sender.

Warranty offered by Gearbest

Electronics products are delivered with a 1 year in-store warranty. For other types of products, it is advisable to read the purchase policy.
As for the return period, Gearbest extends it to 45 days, well beyond the usual 14-day period offered in France.

In both cases, the customer will have to pay shipping costs for shipping, but not for the return after repair.

However, with a more reassuring guarantee, prices are also higher. But this is predictable for all the costs that companies face in order to provide more security.

Ordering process

Now let’s talk about the procurement process at Gearbest. The truth is that it is very convenient to buy here because it has many filters to find what we are looking for by brand and by different characteristics, as well as by warehouse.
Before you even enter a product data sheet, we can see interesting data such as the following:
From the product sheet you choose, you can see the different versions (if you have several) of the product and select the one you prefer. Below you will find detailed information, images and user opinions. Once you have reviewed this, simply add the product to your shopping cart and follow the normal payment procedure.

Find your invoice on gearbest

Track your order

It is not always easy to find the status of our order on the site. I think the interface should be improved at this level.

Discounts and coupons

Finally, the most interesting section. Here you will find all the latest discounts on Gearbest Day. However, if you’re eager to learn more, Gearbest offers promotions very often. You can now visit their Flash Sale section, where they publish flash and daily offers.
Other sections where you can find bargains are Deals, which shows the products with a price below 5€, and Clearance, where you can see the products for sale.
You can also benefit from their sponsorship program by getting coupons for free products.

Which smartphone, tablet or Chinese device to choose

The choice of the ideal device for your needs is very delicate and, therefore, I refer you to our specialized guides, to choose a mobile phone, a tablet or a drone on gearbest.


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